Act Six is making a difference in the lives of emerging leaders and on our partner college campuses. And as more Act Six scholars graduate each year, our communities are benefiting from the growing influence of their talent, education, and courageous leadership. More critical now than ever, Act Six is equipping diverse leaders who will guide us to a more just and thriving future.

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Your Financial Support Makes a Difference

Our partner colleges generously provide the funding for Act Six scholarships. Each local affiliate organization is responsible for raising funds for the staffing and program costs associated with providing the recruitment, training, leadership development and career support components that are at the core of the program’s success. Every dollar an affiliate raises for the local program budget leverages more than ten dollars in financial aid for Act Six scholars.

Act Six relies on support from people like you to accomplish our mission. Your gift to Act Six is an investment in leaders that are and will be on the front lines of transformation in our communities.

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Other Ways to Invest in Act Six

If you believe in the vision of Act Six, there are many ways that you or your organization can get involved:

  • help recruit students for Act Six at your school or organization
  • provide a meal for scholars at a training meeting
  • create a summer internship at your organization for an Act Six scholar
  • recruit an Act Six graduate for employment at your organization
  • encourage your organization to sponsor an Act Six community event
  • introduce an Act Six scholar to your professional network and associations

Contact your local program site to learn more and talk with local Act Six staff today.

Become a Sponsor

Make a Statement and Invest in Community Transformation

In these turbulent times, everyone is looking for tangible expressions of hope and promise for the future. You won’t find a more powerful demonstration of that hope than the Act Six. More than just a scholarship, Act Six is a comprehensive five-year leadership program that transforms the lives of scholars, empowering them as new faces in leadership for our college campuses and our communities.

As a business manager in today’s environment, you are looking to make a tangible investment that expresses your company’s values and makes a real difference. What better way to engage potential customers and strengthen your brand in diverse communities than by sponsoring events that celebrate the strengths and accomplishments of a new generation of community leaders? Act Six sponsorship gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your company’s commitment by investing in real community transformation.

Get started today by contacting your local program site to talk with local Act Six staff today. For national and regional sponsorship opportunities across program sites, contact the Act Six National Office.

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